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VILLANDERS – South Tyrol, Italy

Villanders folk dance group was founded in 1968 around the village of Villanders from young people who feel joy for dance and music. The purpose of the group was caring on the folk dance, folk music and traditions. Over the years, the group has grown to a larger ensemble and is an important part of the community.

The folk dance group was present at several regional events, as well as numerous international events. The ensemble is a founding member of the festival “European Youth and Culture Week ” and it has successfully organized it in 2006.

Since 2006, the activities of the Villanders folk dance group were les due to lack of participants / members. Since autumn 2010, about 30 members attend regular the weekly rehearsals, the average age of members is 25 years.


The Milesian Clanna Mileadha -Ennis – Ireland

About 1000 years before Christ a group of Celtic people travelled westward through Europe.  They  set out for Ireland, led by their chief Milesius and his eight sons. Their followers were called the Milesians or Clanna Mileadha.  Many died  in a great storm but amongst the survivors who reached Ireland were five sons of Milesius.  They settled and conquered the country.

Now 3000 years later descendants of the Milesians are retracing the steps of their ancient ancestors in a friendly visit, bringing their music, dances and song.