San Gemiliano – Sestu – Sardinia/Italy

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San Gemiliano – Sestu – Sardinia/Italy

The Cultural association of Sardinian folklore “San Gemiliano” was founded in 1964 with the aim of keeping aspects, peculiarities and traditional values of Sardinia alive, in general and particularly of Sestu.

The activity of the group is controlled by its own statue which provides the following bodies: The General assembly of the Members, The Board of directors, The Chairman of the Board of Directors, The Boards of  Probiviri and The Board of Auditors.

Performances are mainly based on popular songs and dances of Sardinia. Among the dances of the island stand out those of Campidano origin as “su ball’e’ogai”(the dance of courtship) and “sa sciampitta” (a ritual dance), both enriched by the magic sound of the launeddas (a musical instrument of a nuragic origin dated from VIII VII centuries B.C.)


San Gemiliano dance group will be in Timisoara for the 16th  of the European week of youth and culture (31. July – 06 August 2016). Follow them on their facebook page, click here.