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Dances Postiguet – Alicante- Spain

Dances Postiguet is a group formed of more than 36 people which started in 1977. Most of them, in their 36s, are founders of this ambitious project that pretends to maintain the culture and folklore of Alicante.

Postiguet group is very interested in popular music, dances and the investigation of typical elements of our culture as the gown of 18th century and instruments. We pretend to keep the essence of the ancient music and our heritage from our forbears.

Danzas Postiguet has organized and participated in more than 600 national and international festivals and expositions, including Alicante and its province.

The members of the group are people from all ages with the common interest and love for traditional dances and music. The group consists of 14 musicians, 3 singer an 9 pair of dancers and has made in total already more than 600 performances in the 30 years of is existence.

They present typical dances from the local provinces like jotas, fandangos and boleros. A specialty – they present their dances on various performances with different traditional costumes from the to the century.
The group has taken part in several festivals in Spain and in foreign countries. The Postiguet group has performed three times in Riga, as Alicante and Riga are twin towns.

In 1988 Postiguet started to participate in the European Youth and Culture Week and went on to host the festival in 1994 and 2012.

The group has also established an academy for children.

They can begin to dance at the age of four years and then advance to perform dance with the adult group. In 1993 the dance group won the national and regional prize for non-profit-organisations

Moreover we have produced a CD called “Castellito de Alicante” with 45 unforgettable songs